The veil has a long history and a strange tradition. According to Bustle, in ancient Roman times, brides were covered from head-to-toe with a flame colored veil, which was used to scare away evil spirits. The veil was also meant to help stop them from running away, which was an actual concern. An article from Brides, also mentions that veils represented that brides were modest and untouched.

While veils may have a strange past, they are still a huge part of bridal and wedding culture today, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon! In this blog, we are going to give a quick review of the different veil types and styles you may choose at your wedding.

The Cathedral Veil

This is a formal veil and is great for grand and beautiful ceremonies. These veils are generally two and a half meters or longer, often being longer than the train of the dress. These veils often offer a lot of detail as well.

The Chapel Veil

Chapel veils are also very traditional and more formal. They are long enough to reach to ground but are not as long as the cathedral veils. These veils offer a look of elegance without the super traditional look of a cathedral veil.

The Waltz Veil

These veils fall between the bride’s knees and ankles, without touching the floor. These veils are beautiful and great for brides who want the long veil but also the ability to move around freely. Unfortunately, with the chapel and cathedral veils, it is more difficult to move around.

Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veils are one of a few veils in the short veil category, and the most popular. These veils are sophisticated and still offer some length that many brides want, but without having to worry about tripping over it or getting it caught on anything. These veils are elegant and sophisticated and great for weddings that are formal but not overly formal.

Birdcage Veil

While there are many other types of veils, this is one that is popular, retro, and unique, so we will end with this veil! The birdcage veil gives a vintage and, somehow, more modern look. Paired with a fun hairstyle and bold makeup, this veil can add a lot to a bride’s look!

Flower Crown

This is not a veil, but it has made a huge impact in the wedding industry recently. Flower crowns are perfect for boho brides and more laid back weddings. We love this look but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

Veils are a fun and traditional bridal accessory. There is a veil (or flower crown) for every bride and every wedding style. Many people get the full bridal feel when they finally try on their dress with a veil.

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