There are many things you need to do to plan your wedding, we covered some of the most important things in our Planning Your Wedding blogs, part one and part two. But even after you have planned more of your wedding, there is still a ton of planning that needs to be done to complete the perfect bridal look. You (and your significant other) are the center of attention, meaning you want your look to be absolutely flawless.

There is a lot that goes into a wedding day look. From the dress and shoes to something old, new, borrowed, and blue, the brides look has to be planned out from head to toe. So before getting the pedicure, be sure to plan out the hair style and makeup you want on your wedding day. But don’t wait until the day of to have someone work your hair into a twisting and curling masterpiece. Getting a makeup and hair trial is important, even if it may seem like a waste of money.

Making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch means you have to have the perfect venues, the best vendors, and everything planned out, including your hair. At Bohemia River Overlook, we can help make sure the rest of your wedding goes smoothly, so that on your big day all you have to worry about is celebrating with the love of your life and your families. But it may be hard to have fun when your hair looks like a wasp’s nest and your makeup makes you look like you are in a rock band.

This is why it is so important to get a makeup and hair trial before your big day. You don’t want to end up hating the way you look and have to remember every time you look at pictures. You want to look better than you ever have, better than your significant other has ever seen you.

There are many things that can go wrong if you wait until the day of your wedding to finally get your hair and makeup done. In this blog, we are going to go over the importance of getting a hair and makeup trial done. Keep reading if you still need convincing!

Better Ideas

You may have been picturing your hair in a loose wave with half of it pulled back in beautiful braids. This look is great for a boho bridal look, but it may look terrible on some brides. Depending on your dress, your face shape, and many other factors, this half updo could not be everything that you imagined it to be.

You will only know this if you have a trail run. Heading to a trial before your big day can help you to determine if your dream look is actually a good look for you. And if it is not, you can always try another style. This will help you find the hairstyle you actually want for your wedding, the look that will help you look like the most beautiful bride you can be!

Even if you hair doesn’t look awful in your dream look, it might not look as good as another style would with your dress. You can always show the hair stylist the hairdo you are thinking about and the style of your dress. They have been in this business for some time, so they will know if your hair will look good with your dress style and offer different options that may look better.

Not You

The most important thing to keep in mind during your wedding day look is that you still want to look like you. If your boyfriend has seen you makeup free for five years, showing up with a pound of makeup on your face, dark eyeshadow, and ruby red lips, he may not even know it is you. While you still want to look beautiful and better than ever, be real with yourself and keep your signature look.

If you in fact have not worn more than mascara for the past three years, choose some light makeup that will still show up in pictures but not be over the top in person. He will love that you kept it real and didn’t go with a look that is completely not you just for your wedding.

Not only will he not be used to seeing you with dramatic makeup, but you may also hate it. This is why you head in for a trial before the big day. You can try out different styles and see what works for your, your style, and the look you want. If you start out light, you can always go darker until you find the perfect makeup level for you. Just remember, if you go dark on your wedding day, it may be difficult to undo what has been done. Figure out how dramatic and bold you want your makeup to be before the big day.

The Right Stylist

Not only can a trial run help you to find the right hairstyle and makeup for your big day, but it can also help you find the perfect stylist. You may try a stylist and absolutely hate the way she does your makeup or perhaps she is not as experienced as you thought she was. Getting a trial run can help you to single out the perfect stylist for you.

Not only can you weed out the less talented stylists, but you can also find the one the works with your budget and knows how to create the style you want. Some stylists may be better at updos, while others may be better at the makeup. This will help you determine the right stylist for you. Maybe you care more about your makeup being flawless, then you would want to pick a stylist that can create you dream bridal look. If you care more about the updo that look effortless but gorgeous, you will want to find the stylist that know how to work hair perfectly.

Getting your hair and makeup done the day of the wedding will definitely add major stress to a day that is supposed to be perfect. Your hair may not turn out as planned and you may have looked better without any makeup at all. Getting a trial run for your hair and makeup can help you know exactly what you are getting and allow you to relax knowing that you won’t look like a band member.

Planning your hair and makeup is just one step in the bridal look, but it is a major step. Once your wedding look is complete, you can relax knowing that your wedding will go smoothly, because you chose Bohemia River Overlook as the venue for your wedding. We will help you wedding go smoothly, learn more now and contact us today! And be sure you plan your hair and makeup trial.