Your wedding is a special time in your life. It is the event that leads to a partnership that will last the rest of your life. This is probably why weddings are so important to many people. It is a celebration of love and a union of two families. Wedding are a celebration, not just an event. This is why people go above and beyond with planning the perfect wedding. People want a unique ceremony, something that stands out from every other wedding.

While following traditions, and using ideas from other weddings can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, there are ways to make it unique. Many people want their wedding to be one-of-a-kind, a special ceremony that their guests will remember.

Creating the perfect wedding is hard and making it different than all the other weddings is even more of a challenge. But by adding a unique twist, there are ways you can make you ceremony slightly different. The first thing you can do to start your unique wedding planning is book one of the beautiful locations at our venue. Bohemia River Overlook offers three gorgeous locations for your wedding, helping you get the look and feel you want for your wedding. Check out the barn for a venue that is rustic and chic, with a laid back feel that will give your wedding a fun and relaxed vibe. Our manor location is perfect for the fairytale wedding. The reflective pool and fountain add an elegant touch to a romantic location. Or go with the beach wedding theme at our beach location. This beautiful location combines waterfront views with feel of a lakehouse.


These are all beautiful locations with unique styles. You should be able to plan your perfect wedding using on of our three locations at our gorgeous venue and vineyard. Once you have to location picked, creating a unique wedding should be easier for you! But in case you still need help, we can give you tip on how to add a unique touch to your wedding. This blog will help you find different ways to make your celebration one-of-a-kind.

Ditch The Dress

Lately, wedding dress styles have changed dramatically. Some styles have adopted the skirt and top combo, leaving a small area of skin showing. Others have become detailed with cutouts, low-cut backs, see-through lace, and unique silhouettes. But the style is not the only thing that has changed.

Wedding dresses that are anything but white have become a trend in the wedding world. Whether it is a hint of color or an entire color, white wedding dresses are slowly losing their popularity. The traditional white dress is gorgeous and will always be worn, but some brides are not as traditional as others and want something different. Colored wedding dresses are fun, bold, and can add a completely different style to your wedding. The best thing about colored wedding dresses: there is no color that doesn’t work. We have seen beautiful black wedding dresses, rich red dresses, and floral patterned dresses that have changed the wedding world forever. Adding some color to your dress is a great way to switch up your bridal look and give the wedding a unique touch. When you choose a colored dress, you don’t have to go bright and bold. Pick a pastel color or a dress with just a tint of color. This subtle color addition can help give you a unique style.

Not only has the color of the wedding dress changed, but the actual dress has as well. Jumpsuits are now a trendy options for those who do not like dresses. If you have never worn a dress in your life and are not looking forward to wearing a wedding dress, this is a great option for you. The jumpsuit is cute, fierce, and elegant, and perfect for those who don’t do dresses. There are many different style of jumpsuits, making this a great option that you can find in your style. Get a flowing jumpsuit, a tight and form fitting jumpsuit, or a jumpsuit with lace incorporated. This new bridal look is stunning and can make your wedding day even more perfect.

The Menu

When you book Bohemia River Overlook as your wedding venue, you will be able to select a wedding package. Our wedding packages offer a lot of great benefits, but one of the best is probably that we partner with ROUGE Fine Catering. ROUGE is a gourmet caterer that can help you create the perfect wedding menu. You don’t have to follow the usual choices for your wedding meal, mix it up and have some fun with your choices! ROUGE has a lot to offer.

If you wedding is a morning wedding, create a brunch menu. Offer breakfast choices, mimosas, and the best brunch items, giving your reception a unique touch that matches your wedding perfectly. Pick your menu based on the time of day you scheduled the reception to be. As another idea, pick different items that everyone will love but may not be the traditional choices.

Another great way to choose your wedding menu is to pick based on your relationship. If the two of you have always loved seafood, make your menu mostly consist of seafood, with some other options for the non-seafood lovers. This is a great way to allow your guest to get to know the new couple a little better while adding a unique touch to your wedding.

The dessert is another thing that is fun to change up. While wedding cakes are beautiful and offer a tradition of their own, there are different dessert options that you and your guests may enjoy even more. Try a s’mores bar, an ice cream sundae bar, cookies and milk, cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, or whatever else you can think of that everyone will love! Many people are not fans of cake, and while wedding cake is generally delicious, there are other options that you can pick to make your wedding more unique and the dessert more popular.  

Make Them Dance

One of the best parts of a wedding is the dancing. The first dance as a married couple is beautiful and special, but once the planned dances are done, it is time to get down and groovy! You want your guests to dance, it makes the entire ceremony more enjoyable and they will love it once they start. But how are you supposed to get your guests to dance? Well, it is simple! When you send out the RSVPs, ask your guests to write down their favorite song to dance to and add all of these songs to your wedding day playlist. When your guests hear their song come on, they will be too excited not to dance! This is a great way to get a ton of different music that is fun to dance to and will get everyone to their feet.

Pick a Different Officiant

The person who performs the ceremony doesn’t have to be a minister or priest. Make your wedding different by having someone near and dear to your heart perform the wedding. If you and your soon-to-be spouse were introduced by someone who is still one of your closest friends, ask them to get ordained online and perform your wedding. Or have a sibling or other family member do it for you. This is a special way to include the important people in your life in your wedding and make it different. Your friends and family know your love story, so why not let one of them help you start the next chapter?

Go For Experience

This has become a popular trend among millennials, but we love the idea so much we are going to add it to the list! Rather than asking for vases and toasters as you wedding gifts, ask for experiences. There are different apps that allow you to pick out things you want to do, from skydiving to couples massages. An example of this app is Vebo. This is a great way to get help paying for all of the things you want to do as newlyweds and experience new and different things. You can even pick things to do on your honeymoon, allowing you to get the most out of your romantic vacation!

There are many different ways to create a unique wedding, from choosing different decorations to including fun activities at your wedding. You want to create the perfect wedding and you want it to be one to remember, start by choosing Bohemia River Overlook as your venue, then use these tips as well as your creativity to add a unique touch to your wedding. You don’t need to follow the traditional wedding ceremony. Have some fun and plan a wedding that fits your relationship, personality, and style. From the dress to the food, there is a lot of room to get creative and unique.

We want to help you make your wedding one to remember. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour to see our three different venue locations.