With ROUGE you get unforgettable, fabulous food, adding to your already unforgettable day.

Photo by Krista A Jones Photography

On your big day, you don’t want average, you want extraordinary, and that includes your food. You deserve elegant, mouthwatering, four-star restaurant style options, not your traditional wedding food—and we support that.

At Bohemia River Overlook, we believe in making your event planning simple; therefore, we include catering with every package option available. Working with ROUGE Fine Catering, your menu can tell your story, giving your guests something much more than just food.

As one of Maryland’s top catering companies, ROUGE is known for their fresh ingredients and high-class menu, creating truly remarkable tastes. Cooking everything onsite, ROUGE believes in giving you and your guests a plate that is made minutes before hitting the table, demonstrating quality at its finest.

Creating a fine dining experience for you and your guests, and pairing it with the perfect beverages, the possibilities are limitless at ROUGE. Organized based on your wedding package, your menu with ROUGE is designed with your event in mind.

This gourmet caterer along with one of our beautiful wedding venues, can make your wedding day more spectacular than you ever imagined. Contact us today to learn more.